Are AML rules the same everywhere? Not sure, or?

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A discussion in a meeting of international tax people hit me.

In the discussion referred to, talks were about the enormous amounts of investments in UK real estate by offshore companies. Now, the UK announces a follow-up on the ownership of offshore companies holding real estate.

I do honestly have to ask myself, whether it is still possible to open bank accounts in the UK (and companies do need such a bank account to receive rental payments) without being able to identify the beneficial owner.

Did you try to open a bank account for an offshore company in Luxembourg or Switzerland?

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Die Amnestie die eigentlich keine ist …

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Mit dem Gesetz vom Ende letzten Jahres gibt es in Luxemburg jetzt eine „Steueramnestie“. So steht es in der Zeitung, so glauben es alle und – vor allen Dingen – so ignorieren es viele, weil der wahre Kern der Amnestie nicht bekannt ist, oder ggf. sogar wohlwollend übergangen oder sogar unterschlagen wird.Read More

PanamaPapers – Should this be a public issue?

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What is the matter with these papers? Of course, there is need to disclose any abusive use of these companies. But, isn’t it normal to use any potential tool in order to protect privacy? Why are there names published of persons who may not have any reason than privacy to use offshore-vehicles?Read More

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Dear all,

It has been a while that I have so much thoughts about tax and economic issues which I would like to share. This blog now has created the platform for me to do what I wanted to do in this respect.Read More